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May 8, 2024

Join IFMA, GlobalFM and other FM associations around the world as we celebrate the important contributions and achievements of the facility management community - and the positive impact the profession has on our lives. World FM Day is your opportunity to celebrate the behind-the-scenes heroes of the built environment and share well-deserved thanks for keeping our facilities healthy, safe and productive.

Join us in 2024 as we inspire, integrate and innovate!


Conference & Expo - May 5-7
Facility Fusion

Facility Fusion brings an exhilarating and immersive experience that will leave attendees energized and inspired. Join us May 5-7 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Learn more

IFMA Chicago - May 8
Happy Hour in the City

World FM Day is all about you! It’s a day of celebration and recognition for facility managers and the entire FM profession. Registration required. Register now

IFMA Chicago - May 8
FM Roundtable

This FM Professional-only, small group discussion  will focus on “What is your biggest challenge as an FM?”  Registration required by May 6. Register now

World FM Day Webinar - May 8
The Truth About Autonomous Buildings

 Join FM:Systems and IFMA as we explore how building technology has evolved to get us to this point, the potential risks of “leaping before you look” and what organizations can do to mitigate those vulnerabilities. Register now

IFMA NYC - May 8
FM-Only Cocktails & Networking

Join IFMA NYC for an FM-only networking event to celebrate World FM Day and the positive impact the profession has on lives. Registration required. Register now

IFMA Indianapolis - May 14
Facility Feud

Celebrate everything FM does to make for our workplaces with a special edition of "Facility Feud". Registration required. Register now

IFMA Orlando - May 8
World FM Day Celebration

Join IFMA Orlando to celebrate the profession with craft beer, food, bingo and grand prices for lucky FMs. Registration is required. Register now

IFMA San Francisco - May 8
Zero Waste Recology Tour

Celebrate World FM Day with a tour of Recology Transfer Station & Recycle Central at Pier 96. Registration required. 
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IFMA Minneapolis/St. Paul - May 8
Whirlyball & Social Hour

Join us for a World FM Day gathering with colleagues at Whirlyball Twin Cities! Don't play? Come for the conversation. Registration required. Learn more

IFMA Louisville - May 8
Happy Hour

Join IFMA's Louisville Chapter for a happy hour celebrating World FM Day!
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IFMA Denver- May 14
Workplace Design

Come and be part of a dynamic breakfast panel discussion delving into the realms of design and project management. Registration required. Register now

Ever wonder what keeps places running? And how buildings stay beautiful, comfortable, and safe? Who is working behind the scenes? The answer? Two letters – FM. It stands for Facility Management. Watch now

Curious about the advantages of geothermal and thermal energy storage solutions for commercial buildings? Check out this amazing webinar where you'll get to explore the ins and outs of these innovative solutions. Read now

On World FM Day, we honor the invaluable contributions and remarkable achievements of the facility management community, recognizing the profound influence this profession wields in our daily lives. I recently sat down with Jaime Nantka, a mechanical assessor for FOS of CannonDesign, to explore the narrative of this hidden champion within the realm of the built environment and illuminate the tangible difference he enacts through his dedicated efforts. Read now


The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing challenge for establishments to maintain high indoor air quality (IAQ) standards for occupants. The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force (ETF) has guided ventilation and air filtration systems and protocols during the early stage of the pandemic. With the release of ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols, a new and improved approach to creating infection-resilient buildings has been established. This new guidance can assist designers, facility managers, engineers, and building owners in making informed decisions regarding future IAQ protocols in new and existing buildings. Read now

You’ve heard it all before – the future of building systems is no longer static. Customers expect building data, automation, and technology. And, with global revenue for building automation systems expected to increase 4.5% compounded annually over the next 10 years, there is immense opportunity to deliver greater connectivity and intelligence to the existing built environment. So, where do you start?

A strong smart building foundation starts with 4 key areas: connectivity, cybersecurity, serviceability, and resilience. Addressing these through building controls and automation is the key to creating spaces that prioritize performance and energy efficiency without sacrificing occupant comfort.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how engineers and contractors can get started, and the resources available to help you through every step – from design to installation, operation, and beyond.

 Watch now

As we celebrate another World FM Day, IBM recognizes that successfully managing real estate and facilities is not for the faint-hearted. Balancing the conflicting demands of cost minimization and increased productivity against improving availability, sustainability, and safety is challenging. Today’s FM professional  needs a variety of skills to manage facilities in today’s evolving business environment. Read now

Digital transformation (DT) has been an ongoing phenomenon for over a decade, but it took the COVID-19 pandemic to catapult many organizations into a digital-first world. Digital technologies are the fundamental and endless agitator of the business world, including facility management (FM).[1] Digital technologies are critical for developing solutions for the FM industry's challenges. Read now

The United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Claremore Indian Hospital (CIH), located in Oklahoma, is a 110,000 sq. ft . federally operated facility accredited by The Joint Commission. It provides emergency, acute, outpatient, and dental care to the Native-American population in the Indian Health Services Oklahoma City Area, which includes Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Established in 1977, this 50-bed hospital serves at least 36,000 patients and conducts over 300,000 total visits per year.  Claremore Indian Hospital has an overall Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary score of 0.73, which indicates that the cost of care at this specific hospital is lower than the national average. The facility has 83 providers who specialize in 13 different primary specialties.  Read now

ESG is impacting all industries, including facility management. This resource helps you better understand ESG, how it impacts FM, and the 7-steps for integrating ESG into FM operations. Read now

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Once a year, the Global Facilities Management community comes together on World FM Day to celebrate the Facilities Management profession and its successes. Check out the events happening around the world.

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World FM Day is May 8, 2024, ​but we encourage you to celebrate throughout the month to recognize the vital work that FM professionals contribute to businesses and our lives.


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Celebrate #WorldFMDay on May 8, 2024 - and celebrate facility managers all year long.